Alba Cruise is the fastest and economist way to explore the beauty of Eastern Indonesia.

One Day Cruise

We depart daily from Labuan Bajo to Komodo Island, Padar Island, Pink Beach, and Kanawa Island using our modern speed boat, so our guests will have the best travelling experience, all within ONE DAY.

Exploring the Islands

Find and see the most beautiful beach in the world.

Enter the Dragon

Find the Exotic Komodo Dragon.

Great Trip & Great Scenery

A day cruise around Labuan Bajo and the surrounding islands. Stunning scenery with various place to visit. You will also have the opportunity to snorkel some of Indonesia’s best coral reefs teeming with tropical marine life.

Yummy Food & Comfortable Stay

Labuan Bajo has by far the widest selection of restaurants bars and warungs in all of Flores.

Everything at Reasonable Cost

We will always try to get the best price you can get for our one day cruise, don't forget to check our cruise info or contact us for more details.


Our Story

We started as travelers. Excitement to explore the beauty of Flores was very well welcomed by the new Komodo Airport and friendly local people. The growing city of Labuan Bajo looks busy day and night with the newcomers of shops and eateries. Accomodation ranges from hotels, bungalows, hostels and inns, each with different facilities and views. Food varies from local taste, Asian to Western delicacies with most Italian restaurants in town. Diving centers could be easily spotted with growing numbers of domestic and international divers. Sea transportation, as the only way to explore the Komodo Island and surrounding islands, gives you choices for rentals with different prices, facilities, and coverage. Nowadays, with ever expanding number of tourist come to Labuan Bajo, we decided to fully enter the modern cruise service industry with Labuan Bajo as our home base. Together we combine modern management with traditional yet skillful seafaring skills of our boat crews.

Our Service

Alba Cruise runs daily services with a convenient schedule that caters to all guest needs. We offer a full day package that started in the morning and finish in the afternoon. During the journey, you will visit Padar Island, Komodo Island, Pink Beach and Kanawa Island, each with a reasonable exploration time, including snorkeling time for you who love underwater activities. Check our Day Cruise package here.

Cruise Info
Experience Flores in One Day. Check our Destination